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Bogan's Run Released for IOS

It's a car game, but not as you know it

I would like to introduce you to Bogan's Run. It has been a while in the making, and we are very happy with the end result, especially given that thisis our first ever game endeavour.

It's a car game, but not as you know it! Bogan's Run is a fun, silly, exciting, addictive, engaging and action packed game designed to bring out the Aussie in everyone, not just us Australians! It has 4 exciting game modes to suit all player's and can be played by anyone, regardless of your age. It contains fantastic sounds and in-game commentary, Australian colloquialisms and hundreds of missions that a player can undertake.

The game has over 30 cars, 64 levels and over 300 stages to unlock. You get rewarded for doing a burnout, honking your horn and even doing a donut! Your Australian status is determined by the number of achievements you unlock while playing the game and how many gold stars you get at the end of each level.

There are four game modes you can try and they are all very different from each other:

The game comes with 4 game modes:

  • Time Trial - Complete the stages for each level as quickly as you can. Levels range from car parks, residential streets, an air port and even there is a basketball court to race around. Plus many others which will definitely keep you busy.

  • Survival - Last as long as you can and avoid security guards, police officers, doctors, paramedics, pedestrians, cheer leaders and even mascots on the various levels. Even though you will try not to be caught, too bad mate, they always get you! The aim of this mode is to last as long as you can.

  • Demolition - Instead of running from people, you have to make sure you get to them first. You will have to see how quickly you can complete each stage by getting everyone in your car.

  • Burnout - Do as many donuts as you can. Simple as that. The better the car, the more donuts you can do.

If you love a challenge, then this game will give you exactly that. If you want to listen to Australian colloquial sayings, then this game is jam packed with them too. There is so much inside this game.

This game has been an absolute pleasure creating. Not only has it pushed the boundaries of the framework that we used to create it, we managed to create lots of reusable components that we are going to use in our future games too. We are very proud of what our team has achieved and I am sure you will have as much fun playing it as we had developing it. 

Try it out now on the app store Bogan's Run now.

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