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The history of Izzit

Izzit was created out of the fact that my wife was always talking about people and their look a likes, whether it be one of our friends, or a celebrity on TV, the guy at the shop etc. She was always saying that "don't you think X looks like Y?". Well, to be totally honest too, I am always doing the same too! We had dabbled with this idea about creating a website where people could upload photos and compare one or more photos, with a comment for several years, but nothing ever eventuated with this. However, once yoCAP! and yo BUBBLE! were created, it only took a couple of days, to take the core functionality that we had created in these other two apps, and create a third in the trifecta of meme tools. Izzit

It is not that complicated in functionality, and we designed it with simplicity in mind. Some of the other tools out there really over do the ability to take two photos and add a comment to it. Us on the other hand, decided to keep it as simple as possible, while at the same time, giving the user of it, the power and flexibility that both yoCAP! and yo BUBBLE! offer.
This app is free, but if you want to get some extra editing features, or extra fonts, then you can purchase one the expansion packs. They are not expensive, but can definitely help boost your memes!
We are also looking at adding some template memes, similar to how both yoCAP! and yo BUBBLE! come with them. What this will mean, is your comparison memes, don't always have to be side by side. 
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